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See below the steps your product goes through before it’s with you.

1.) Catalogue

If you want to purchase furniture for your home, business or retail store, please request a catalogue. Our catalogue will be sent as an interactive google sheet. The sheet is designed to work out your order volume and USD price. 

4.) Manufacturing

We do not have pre-made stock. Your order will be made from scratch. Manufacturing takes 3 to 8 weeks, depending on the size of your order. During this period, we will send you regular updates, which include photos of your order. 

2.) Shipping Quote

The price displayed does not include shipping from Indonesia or import duties in your own country. We sell the goods ex-works. We can obtain a competitive shipping quote and oversee the packing/shipping process.  

5.) Quality Control

Our team does quality control throughout the manufacturing process.  If you would like to receive photos/video's of your product during the final QC process please let us know beforehand. 

3.) Invoice & Payment

Once you have completed your order, we will forward you an invoice. We require a 50% deposit to begin manufacturing.

The funds are paid into our USD bank account. The balance is due on completion of the order. 

6.) Cargo Collects

When your order is complete, we will notify Cargo, who will collect it. Please see the shipping information below. If you are new to importing, don't worry! We will guide you throughout the process. 


Our preferred cargo company will forward you a quote for shipping from our door to your nearest port.

The quote will include the following: 

Freight, Export documentation, Original documentation courier fee, Collecting your order, Packing, Bill of lading, Fumigation, V-Legal certification for wood products and insurance, if required. 

You will need to appoint an import agent. We can refer a company to you if you do not have one.

Your import agent will update you on the arrival date and invoice you for import duties, taxes and clearing costs once the container arrives in your country. 

Please get in touch with us for more information on what to expect when your container arrives. 

1.) Cargo Collects 

When your order is complete, we will instruct Cargo to collect it. Cargo will send their trucks to pick up your order and drop it off at their warehouse. We do a final QC (quality control) with Cargo's staff present.



4.) Certificates/Inspection

Cargo will handle the export legalities, which include the government inspection, all export documentation, certificates and fumigation.  The shipping company may request your name, contact, address and delivery particulars. 

6.) Container Delivery

Your container is delivered to the port on the back of a truck. 

2.) Corrugated Wrapping

Cargo wraps your goods in corrugated cardboard, protecting the product and maximising shipping space. Your order is not palletised unless you request it to be. Fragiles are boxed.  

5.) Packing

The empty container will arrive at Cargo's warehouse early morning. It will be inspected for damages/holes and prepared. We line the inside of the container with plastic, corrugated sheets and dry packs to keep your goods dry and protected. 

6.) Shipping

The shipping route will be determined by your location. Our goal is to get your container to you as soon as possible. Shipping can take between 4 and 8 weeks. 

3.) Invoice & Payment

You must pay the shipping invoice before your container leaves Cargo's warehouse. You may pay the funds directly into Cargo's nominated bank account or into our business account. We do not add a markup and will transfer the funds to Cargo on your behalf. 

6.) Fumigation

We use a government-approved fumigation company to fumigate your goods. Once this is done, the door is closed and locked with a sealed lock. You can only remove the lock with bolt cutters.   

6.) Arrival

Your import agent will take over communication and arrange the delivery of your container. You will have a few hours to offload the container. You do not require a forklift or special machinery unless you have purchased stone goods or requested pallets.  

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15% Off All Items


15% Off All Items

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15% Off All Items

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